Our poor blog is being neglected! And it’s not for lack of things to write about either. Chalk it up to us being busy, out of town for about 72 hours, and my trying oh-so-had to implement a new sleeping routine with Ali. Okay, backing up…

Friday morning we drove to my parents’ house. We hadn’t been there since Christmas and needed to make a trip. We also were in dire need of a Costco stock up. And a Target visit. My grandma was moving out of the apartment she’d lived in for nearly twelve years and, temporarily, in with my parents and we wanted to help. After helping clean the house a little we ventured out to visit my Nana and Grandpa. Nana had a new stent put in a heart valve last week and is still recuperating (very well I might add) but was as happy to see us and we were to see her. Ali was on pretty good behavior and even let Nana hold her for awhile. Which she wouldn’t let my dad do! She cried the first time she saw him. Ah, the joys of spending 24/7 with your parents.  Then we went to Costco and blew a lot of our recent earnings. Is it possible to get out of there and NOT do so?

Trista was gracious enoguh to volunteer to baby-sit for us Friday night. Although I’m pretty sure my mom helped a lot and Alyssa too. Tony and I have had a gift certificate from my Uncle Bill for Olive Garden since before Ali was born and we finally got the chance to use it! The food was good, the break was great, but going out as parents is definitely a whole different thing than going out as a couple. We are so indebted to everyone who was home because Ali cried, probably mostly scream-cried, the whole hour and a half. She dropped off to sleep just as we hurriedly headed home. And then woke up an hour or so later…

By then it was past her bedtime and she was up for awhile so her new "schedule" was kind of busted. Which I knew it would be, leaving home a few days after first implementing it. But, as Tony said, there’s always a reason not to start. Eventually you just have to do it. Though the girl got to stay up pretty late for a few nights, I was impressed with how quickly she fell asleep…and I think almost always without nursing! There were even a few good by herself naps. Next time though, I’ll definitely take the baby monitor. Spending the whole nap running back to peek in the door because I’m paranoid about her crawling off the bed (she’s done it before!) makes the whole thing pretty pointless. At least for me.

Saturday we convinced Alyssa to come to Babies’R’Us with us. One the way there we drove by this firefighter training burn. I have such a fire phobia but, still, this was cool! Anyway, we’ve been needing to get an umbrella stroller ever since lugging the high chair around became mandatory. With a little car, those two items take up too much room. But then we got swayed by the nice strollers. After a day of thinking on it (realizing it made no sense to buy a cheapy one now and a better one later) and a coupon hook-up from BRU employee Ms. Jennifer Dower, we returned the next day and purchased Ali’s new wheels! Mother and Father are stoked and Ali is currently asleep in it.

After perusing what I mentioned felt like a baby factory, we stopped to visit Cynthia at work across the street. We so do love to surprise but not be surprised. Cynthia has a bump!!!!! It’s so cute and I am so excited to find out if it’s a boy bump or a girl bump. In the evening we went over to my aunt and uncles to have a lasagna dinner after everyone got my Grandma moved. Once again, Ali was showing off all her new tricks. Aunt Yvonne brought out some new toys which were a bit hit.

Sunday we went to chruch with my family. During the service I took Ali down to the nursery. We’re trying very hard to expose her to new people as much as possible and yet…as controlled as possible. I’m sure it’s very probably much of the problem is us šŸ˜‰ I stayed down with her, she had no intention of letting me leave. There was only one other baby, two weeks older than Ali, and neither of them had been around babies much before. They were soooo cute playing together. Sarah, the other little girl, had two clips in her hair. But Ali crawled all around her until she pulled both of them out. Which basically proved my theory that the only reason she leaves clips in her own hair is because she doesn’t know they’re there.

In the afternoon Trista snuck us into her palce of employment, the North Clackamas Aquatic Park, so we could take Ali swimming again. And, again, Ali loved every minute of it. Even though it was so crowded and so noisy she just had a blast. Afterwards she was so tired but so calm. I’m not sure it even hit her until Monday when she had some mega naps.

We were going to come home Sunday but after swimming we also were exhausted and decided to just leave early Monday morning. Btw, early for us = like ten or ten-thirty. We got home about twelve-thirty, got everything unpacked (our car was absolutely STUFFED) and…back to the daily grind. Amazingly, Ali has THREE poops in the potty yesterday. She’s been on a two days w/o poops, one day with a lot schedule. But, she’s also kind of struggling. I still think with those top teeth. She’s had a mild fever since Sunday and last night had that cry, the one where you can tell that something hurts. Her and I ended up sleeping up in her room last night and she seems to be feeling better today.

Alright, now the child has woke and her andI need to hit the road to Tillamook to get groceries. The hope was to have them before lunch but she feel asleep on the walk to the post office. So, lunch may have to be a bit late. Hope everyone had a good weekend and has a great week! 

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  1. Loved this catch-up post! The abandoned house was still smoldering today as I drove by today. Love you all and glad to hear everyone is safe at home. Love you.

  2. So good to hear what you’re up to. I really miss you šŸ™‚ You looked great in the picture and Ali is SUCH a doll…I can still hardly stand it!! Xoxo…R.

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