Pooped in the potty!

Warning: Non food friendly image below.



This morning Ali pooped in the toilet. She’s been peeing for months now, though we’ve slacked a lot of putting her on it. Then, as if to somehow prove it wasn’t a fluke, she did it again in the afternoon. both times almost immediately after having been put on. This whole thing is really more Tony’s deal than my own, but he is too busy to post. He is SO PROUD of his tiny pooper.



Yesterday I finally was able to pick up the crackers Kari recommended. Baby Mum-mums and Ali absolutely loves them, just as we knew she would. The way this kid has been interested in food, especially crunchy things like popcorn and even carrots, there was no question she had been just waiting to sink all four of her teeth into something. I tried a bit and they are really good too. Definitely a step up from rice cereal. Though the girl has been trying a lot of stuff lately. Tiny peices of pickle, grape, apple, pancake, pineapple. Mostly she just likes to pick them up and drop them down her front.

Today was another beautiful day at the coast so we decided to let Ali get out and get real dirty. She getting so mobile, which is such a trip but also so scary and stressful. It seems like every time I leave her for a second there’s a bump and a scream…today there has been more than I can count. Once she awoke from a nap on the trundle in her room and crawled right off the bed. *sigh* I’m not sure how to avoid that since she won’t sleep in her crib and now SCREAMS everytime she’s even close to being put in it (she used to like to play in there) since we spent a couple nights trying to get her to fall asleep in there. Last night though I did get her to fall asleep kind of "on her own." I laid in the bed in her room with her but didn’t interact with her or anything, no nursing or singing and I would close my eyes whenever she looked at me, until eventually she fell asleep. It took over an hour but other than that the hardest part was not laughing when she was being so cute and razzing on my arm or "singing" or whatever she was doing. Of course she woke up less than an hour later and I just took her down to our bed, but it was something. Anyway, she’s smacked her head so many times today I’m watching her pupils because I’m worried about a concussion of something. At least she had a very good time scrambling around in the sand.

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