A busy weekend.

Wow. It’s been a few days. Unusual for this blog. But, we have been busy, busy and the result is hopefully worth your wait. Friday a good protion of my day was spent cleaning the house. Tony’s mom, Billie was coming down from Seattle on Saturday and I wanted the house to be clean for her as well as for us afterward! I also baked a big batch of zucchini bread.

Saturday morning I finished cleaning the house. Tony ended up driving forty-five minutes each way to Seaside to cash a check at an open bank (the joys of living in a small town). Between one and two he returned and Billie arrived. Ali was very suspicious of her Grandmere, as she’s not used to anybody but Tony and I anymore. She showed off some new tricks: sitting and crawling, both old hat; and pulling herself up to a standing position and cruising, new in the last few days. These recent developmnets are terrifying. Nothing is safe and so many scary tumbles! Everytime I hear a cry I imagine blood pouring down her face and really can no longer leave her alone. 

Since it was such a gorgeous day we walked on the beach, stopped at Thundercade (the new arcade in town), visited the playground, and stopped in to see a fewl ocal store owners.

Tony and Billie playing basketball.

Ali’s first time down a slide.

So clingy these days.

Warming up to Grandmere.

Trekking through our town.

 Let’s see, that night Tony made chicken wings and we watched some TV we’d been saving for Billie. Sunday morning we got up and packed and headed south to Lincoln City to shop at the Tanger Outlets. It had been a long time since we had gone, or could go, shopping. The number one thing I needed was a new bra. Where am I going to buy a nursing bra out here? And it’s not exactly something you order online. Since the last time I’d gotten one was when Ali was less than a month old I knew mine was too big, but I didn’t know how much too big (four inches around) or what a HUGE difference and correctly fitting bra can make. Sorry if that’s TMI for some people. Anyway, we stopped at an amazing thai restaurant beforehitting the shops. Then we trounced through Old Navy, Gap, KB Toys, Children’s Place, Carter’s, Maidenform, Jones New York….it was invigorating! I was very happy to get a pair of pants that fit and Ali got a swimsuit that she would use shortly, as well as sunglasses, new shoes, and an Elmo doll (toy?). She was SO CUTE when she saw it, it was as if Elmo had stepped out of the TV and right in front of her. It’s a Stretch Elmo, or something, so when you pull on his arms or legs he talks and that’s for sure her favorite part.

Enjoying keys while we wait for thai.

After shopping we drove the twenty or so more minutes south to Depoe Bay where we were staying in a WorldMark timeshare of Billie’s for the night. We were originally suppose to stay in Seaside but at the last minute (like, less than a week) they called and changed us. Billie was told it was an hour and a half south of Seaside, but in actuality it was a good two hours and fifteen minutes at least. Lame, but the Depoe Bay resort was beautiful. It was huge, with multiple swimming facilities. It was on a cliff overlooking the water. Our only complaint was that we couldn’t stay longer. We swam Sunday night, then came back and Tony got Papa Murphy’s, which we ate and watched A Mighty Heart, with Angelina Jolie. Monday morning we went swimming again, since Ali absolutely LOVED it. We were all on the road by ten-thirty or so. Billie, four the five and a half hour drive back to Seattle, and us for the hour and a half home to meet Jordan, Becky, and Trista, who were on their way over the mountain to the beach.

First time seeing her swimsuit.

Out the window of our suite, so sunny over the water.

In her cover-up, with her Elmo.

Cool cat. Daddy has to hold her hands down or else she’ll take them off.

Stepping in.

Getting comfortable (which means splashing!).

She was so unbelieveably happy.

The second swim.

Giggling with Grandmere.

Monday we got back into town just after the other three. They had Papa Murphy’s (which we had also had for breakfast) and a bunch of other junk food (two huge bags of M&Ms, chips, cheetos, soda, potato salad, etc.). We went to the arcade with them too and then came back and watched Project Runway reruns with Trista. Jordan and Becky went to dinner at the Beach Bite and then they all left about 8pm. Needless to say Ali was absolutely worn out and slept past eight-thirty this morning.

Today: grocery shopping to do, dishes, laundry, catching up on others’ blogs and emails, etc. But it was so, so worth it. I hope you think so too. Of course, more here.

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