Last night was rough. Ali was really struggling…we think it’s with teeth. I mean, it’s obviously with teeth when she won’t let anything get into her mouth and it takes, like, ten minutes to even calm her down to get her to open up for medicine. But we think it’s the top two. Which, I imagine, would hurt like a bitch coming in. So, she had a rough night and then we all did. A lot of nipple biting which makes me scream (and, on some occasions, cry – once, sob), falling asleep only to waking up screeching minutes later, crying her way through a bath, etc. etc. 

In the end only Elmo would calm her down. It’s like this crazy, scary (and all to often very delightful, for me) trance she goes into. Finally a bottle of water and Elmo lulled her to sleep just after eleven thirty. But she woke up hourly after that. Which, to be honest, is not such a stretch from normal.

She wakes up a LOT at night. If she sleeps from, say, nine to eight, she’ll wake up four to six times. but since it’s neverbeen, like, full on awake wake ups (she just kinda tosses and turns until I switch her sides and then she either goes back to sleep or nurses) it’s hard to feel like it’s worth really tackling.

But the last few weeks have just seemed brutal. My body aches for some extended period of uninterrupted sleep and I don’t know how to get it. It’s so hard to be patient or motivated or energetic. I get overly emotional and/or pessimistic and the weather doesn’t help any. Last night topped it at hourly intervals from the time she went to bed until just after eight. Ugh.

And yet, it’s hard to complain too much. Tony was up until four in the morning working! So, at the moment, nobody has it easy around here. But Miss Alizabeth does seem to be feeling much better today.

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  1. I feel ya! Take naps during the day when Ali naps. Not quite the same as a full night of sleep but the sleep will add up and help you feel better. Every sleep counts!

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