Teeth grow.

I think Dot is teething again…cranky, mild fever, wanting to nurse but not nursing…poor thing. Tony thinks it’s the top middle two (or one of them). I have no idea. In the mean time, her other four teeth continue growing. The bottom two are visible most of the time and her fangs are making more frequent appearances. They are hard to catch on camera and a video is really what is necessary. Which, btw, we do have a stockpile of [videos] that Tony promises he will post….eventually. Included is some hardcore crawling, which she’s getting to be quite the expert at.



One thought on “Teeth grow.

  1. Sweetest giggle picture ever! And I still cannot even believe those fangs. She is going to have like every tooth in her head before she turns one at this rate.

    Tonight, Shayla came out of her room wearing her jacket and shoes and I was like, “Are you going somewhere?” and she was like, “I’m going outside.” So, naturally, I am curious as to where my two-year-old thinks she is stealing away to at 9:30 at night. “I’m going to see Ali,” was her reply. She cracks me up.

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