Seven months, politics, new church.

I cannot believe our baby is seven months today. How time flies! Hope everyone reading this had a lovely weekend and a safe time watching the Super Bowl (if you found yourself so inclined). For those in the twenty-two states holding primaries on Tuesday…go out and VOTE! You’re lucky to have the priviledge. Those of us in later states are not so fortunate.

Also, we went to ANOTHER new church today. Last week there was no one younger than our parents (well, out of the dozen or so people), the service lasted for TWO HOURS, they spoke in tongues, and we saw the REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER that had recently caught Tony’s eye while browsing the county website. This week, we think we finally found a place we feel comfortable frequenting. The late service is at eleven (the church we’d been going to off and on was a bit-too-early nine), there are a lot of young/younger people. The atmosphere is laidback, the pastor is educated and came off as intellectual, the people were friendly, and the building quaint (I much prefer the idea of a church that is/has outgrown its building then the idea of ‘build and they will come’ or, as Tony says, "money-grubbing").   

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