The first month.

January was the first month we spent home since moving here. Actually probably the first month we spent home since….July? And that was obviously not a relaxing month! So while we are thoroughly settled in at home, there also has been a fair amount of that cooped up feeling you get during winter (especially the dreary northwest ones!). Just thought I would share that random tidbet about the last month for us. Also, lets all cross our fingers for the writer’s strike to end soon. A month at home with the crap that dominates the TV at the moment is painful. Even more so when you find yourself getting sucked into it.

We’ve also been trying to ease into a better nightime routine. More like just anything to get Ali to bed earlier. There were a couple nights, I think it might have been after her shots about a week ago, where she go to sleep until almost eleven o’clock. Ugh! The last few nights she’s been going to sleep between seven-thirty and eight-thrity, which is much better. The trick is she doesn’t sleep alone very well/for very long, so I either have to lay with her (and then really what’s the point?) or sneak away and then be ready to run back the moment she stirs. It’s kind of a pain, but it beats her staying up SO late. The big downside isthat when she sleep for so long at night (like, 11-12 hours) she gets by on two or so thirty minute or less naps. I miss long naps!!!!

Standing today (with some help).

She looooooves water.

One thought on “The first month.

  1. Awwwwh. What a sweety. She looks good in the lavender color. I also hope the weather improves……it makes me want to move to Cali. Love you.

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