Private poops, etc.

Lately Ali has been pooping only when left alone. It’s so funny because when she was very little it was like she needed help to poop and was partial to pooping with Tony. Now it’s like she waits until we leave the room or put het in her crib. We joke that she’s decided she wants privacy already. 

I want to ask the parents out there about sitting up. How old were your kids when they began to do it and/or were proficient at it? Ali can sit up but kind of needs support or she topples over pretty quick. Right now she’s six-and-a-half months.

Just because I’m proud of this and keep forgetting to mention it, I made some awesome zucchini bread last week and am very happy there is a second loaf in the freezer for when the craving strikes. It was even healthy with more applesauce than oil, double the recommended zuchs and more whole wheat flour than white.


Thus far, bananas are her favorite. Though you wouldn’t guess that by looking at the amount that DIDN’T get in her mouth!

We were blessed to recieve a ton of clothes from a lady who works at the little store in town. This sweater and hat were two of many adorable items.

4 thoughts on “Private poops, etc.

  1. According to Shayla’s baby book, she was able to sit up alone in March…so around six months? I remember having to put a pillow behind Shayla for so long, and even after she “knew how” I was always really paranoid about her falling over.

  2. The two older ones were 6.5 mo. but the Twins were about 7. That is unassisted sitting up. I knew of a kid that didn’t untill she was 8 mo. I say to each his (or in this cas her!) own! Love you.

  3. Brianna was 5 mos with hands on the ground, and it was the week before 6 mos when I could leave her sitting, playing with a toy and not worry about her falling. She’s always had a small head which probably helped, I think it’s going to take Isaac longer to master sitting because he has a big head! I put the Boppy on the ground around him (or pillows) so if he topples sideways or backwards he’s fine. But next comes crawling….and having to constantly monitor where they are and what they’re doing (like eating legos 😉 Enjoy your first sweetie!!

  4. That’s funny about the private pooping. I’ve known kids that did that but were older, usually means they know they are doing it. Are you still putting her on the toilet? You could be out of diapers sooner than you thought!

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