Growth and development.

Yesterday we had a good time at the swim meeting hanging with Trista and Gabby. The ride home- not so much. I drove my car and it became very apparent how not used to drivng mountain roads I am in the dark. Oh well, we made it. Screw the people behind me. Today is goooooooooorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. we just went on an hour-plus long walk into all these crazy new developments in town. It was weird and disturbing. Countless developments in various stages of completion, more or less empty. The only movement was from workers. And the back drop was this clearcut mountainside. Who will buy these houses? And where will everyone work? I’m sure this [change] has been happening since the beginning of time, but it feels so unsettling.

I have some odds and ends photos from the last week or so:

One thought on “Growth and development.

  1. I can see you had a good time at the meet. It’s not about how fast you go on the road….it’s about how safe you drive! You did a marvelous job! People pass me all the time (I’m a stickler for going the posted speed).
    Love the photos. Love you guys too.

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