White Christmas!

I heard from Cynthia that the last time there was a white Christmas (I guess in Portland) was 1937. That’s seventy years!!! What a special event. Ali’s first Christmas, and her first snow! Even funnier, she had just woken from her morning nap and had one present she hadn’t yet opened. It had just begun to snow and…she opens the CUTEST pink Columbia Sportswear snowsuit and jacket from my parents. Which is immediately put on and we take her out into the snow. Before and after that hour or two of whiteness, Christmas was "normal" Christmas. Except that everyone kind of slept in around here…I think we got up around eight? Shortly after my Grandma came over (as she’s been doing since we were little) and then we began!

We have a tradition around here called "food boxes." Food boxes originated when Jordan and I were little. One year my dad bought up each a bunch of food that we didn’t normally get (think sugary cereals, gushers, soda pop, crackers, candy, jerky and pepperoni, etc.) and gave it to us in a paper bag. That went on for awhile until eventually both he and my mom became responsible for our food boxes. A few years ago we switched from everyone buying everyone presents to drawing names and we included the food boxes in that too. So, now, we draw names and get that person about $20 worth of their favorite food to eat on Christmas and the week that follows. Last year Tony got in on the act and this year was Becky’s first year doing a food box. Anyway, that is our one "different" family tradition.

And now, pictures!

Christmas morning.

Alyssa opening her food box, Jordan with much of his layed out before him.

A Wii game! And a third controller!!!

Trista made Tony and apron and Ali a matching bib.

Look at this vest Trista got for Ali!

Opening the present Daddy got her. Of course a toy!

Getting cranky.

Everyone is worn out.

Playing Scrabble.

And then it started to snow! This is my parents’ backyard.

Ali opening the gift she fell asleep before getting to.

Okay, she wasn’t that stoked when she first got it on. I guess she couldn’t see how cute she looked!

I love this picture.

First touch.

First taste.

Ready to go in.

The roast my mom cooked for dinner.

Though they don’t fit her yet, we are very excited about the absolutely ADORABLE coat and party dress Becky got for Ali.

Out little girl’s first Christmas!

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  1. I was thinking fo you this morning and remembering the picts I saw (this post) yesterday…..and the first photo came to my mind. It was only then that I relized it’s a picture/picture. I LOVE these ind of pictures! Yea to a great day!

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