It sucks to be behind.

At home there isn’t much going on. I can blog when Ali is asleep or when she is happy or when she’s with Tony. The onyl thing that gets neglected is him (sorry buddy!) and housework. But here, and especially this time of year, there’s sooooo much going on. Instead of blogging I could be playing Wii, or a board game, or shopping, or seeing old friends, or opening presents, or eating a big dinner, or, well, anything! So, please keep in mind that much has occurred over the past week and I want to give equal time to everyone and every event but so often things fall through the cracks. I hope to catch up on "backstories" soon. So, without further ado…

Here are a couple pics from Wednesday night at the beach with Billie and Grandma Swalla. We were celebrating Tony’s bday early:

And this is after everyone made the trek to my parents’ house on Friday. My mom cooked a ham and we celebrated Tony’s birthday again (still a day early!). The cupcakes were Funfetti upon his request. More pictures of these nights located in the album titled Tony’s Birthday:

 On Saturday (Tony’s REAL bday) my mom’s side of the family came over to celebrate an early Christmas. We decided to go non-traditional this year and had a pasta bar (my idea!). We also did a gift exchange, ate a ton of dessert (apparently my pumpkin cheesecake was good, really good), and played a good game of Quiddler. See more in Christmas (Part 1):

Ali fell asleep on Aunt Yvonne and, later, Aunt Yvonne fell asleep too!

On Christmas Eve we took Ali to see Santa at the Oregon City Shopping Center. The Santa was kind of a struggler and you have to pay to take your own picture (what?!?!?) but it’s the experience, memories, and pictures to prove it that count! See more of these in Christmas (Part II):

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  1. I absoulutly LOVE the double princess photo! And the last one of Santa… he on something???? We go to Santa for the memories too……I still have a photo of me and two girlfriends on Santa’s lap. I was probably 16 or so. Yeah, I won’t be posting about that experience! Love you guys.

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