The first day of Christmas. This first day of winter. And Tony’s BIRTHDAY!

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tony. With a birthday so close to Christmas, his special day so often gets lumped in with Jesus’. This year is no different, as we are having a Christmas party this afternoon. I am so happy and lucky to have this man in my life, as a partner, a father, a best friend, and a buddy. He is everything I’ve always wanted and more. Tony, I love you so much and hope you enjoy this day and year as much as you deserve to!

On Thursday Tony, myself, Ali, Bille, and Grandma Swalla had our own little Christmas at the beach. We opened present from each other, Angela and George, Karen, Martha, and Georgia (Tony’s dad’s family). Ali, especially, received some amazingly generous (and ADORABLE) gifts. As you can see by the pictures below we all had a lot of fun. Not pictured are some clothes I am VERY excited for Ali to wear…a dress that looks like a mini Little House on The Prairie outfit and a multi-colored jacket that I wish were in my size! Also, Ali was given her first cabbage patch doll by Angela. Her name is Kayli Devon and Ali thinks her cheeks are for nursing! also notice Ali reeeeeeaallllyyyy close to crawling at the bottom. Check the Christmas (Part 1) album for my pics, including the meowing cat Grandma Swalla brought for Ali and shots of Ali enjoying the wrapping paper. right now we’re all preparing for the Christmas gathering of my mom’s side of the family that should begin at any minute. I made a pumpkin cheesecake!

3 thoughts on “The first day of Christmas. This first day of winter. And Tony’s BIRTHDAY!

  1. Happy Birthday Tony!! Looks like you had a fun Christmas at the beach and in Portland! And how cool that we had snow on Christmas day!

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