Long nights and late mornings.

Somehow sleeping around here has changed dramatically in the last month or so. Whereas Ali used to go to sleep between nine or ten (I even remember when it was seven-thirty or eight!), lately it’s been more like ten-thirty or eleven-thirty. Ugh. Blech. Not my cup of tea. Plus the ramification of that are sleeping until eight-thirty or nine and then the daylight goes by so, so fast and, again, it’s dark outside. This is Ali the other night at nine-thirty:

I think the root of this is probably all traveling around and messing up what little routine she does have. When we’re at my parents’ there are all these teens staying up late; my dad doesn’t get home ’til midnight or later; my mom stays up and studies or doesn’t get home until ten or something. There’s a lot of reason to stay up and be part of it all (and I talking for both of us, because she will not go to sleep alone and I don’t want to be left out either!).

Anyway, we’ve all been a little tired around here lately. Tony is just getting over a cold that’s basically knocked him out the past few days. Hopefully Ali and I won’t catch it! The good news is we seem to have established some sort of regular afternoon nap. Not that it has any sort of consistency with time or length, but it has been happening daily and it’s been happening even after I slowly inch her off me and onto the couch. And let me just say, that half hour or hour or so is definitely one of the highlights of my day!

Edit: In case you didn’t notice, that is Baby Jesus from her nativity scene in all the pictures.

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  1. Cute big smiles! A sleep/eat schedule is good to have when you’re at home but I think it’s also good to keep some flexibility so she can adapt easily when things are different, like staying at Grandma & Grandpa’s. And enjoy your naps! I loved taking naps with Dom, occasional naps with Bri and Dom were a blessing but it’s not even an option now with Isaac. I’m jealous!

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