Teeth and the state of the Oregon Coast.

Can you see her two new additions there? We are still at my parents. Beginning to grow rather restless but, while the roads are open it doesn’t seem power is back yet. From what we can tell there’s a small chance it will be restored tonight but more likely tomorrow around 6pm. Either we’ll go back tomorrow afternoon of Friday morning. The whole coast is such a mess though…and that’s only what we’ve seen through pictures and on the news. Information is still spotty, as phone service was just recently restored. In Seaside people were lined up for blocks trying to get gas. THat is, those lucky enough to have cash. Anyone relying on plastic has been out of luck this week. What a reminder as to the downside of technology. When it works it’s great (or, nowadays, normal and taken for granted) but when it doesn’t it’s startling and too often devastating. We are itching to get home though. Tiring of the two days worth of clothes we brought. Ali misses her mobile, swing, and famialiar surroundings. Everyone is curious of the house’s condition…and the town’s. We are sad to have missed such an event and boding experience for the community but thankful that we are not going on our fourth day without power. The weather is supposed to be getting cold too, so let’s hope electricity is restored soon for everyone currently going without.

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