December Storm.

I’m sure most of you…at least those in the northwest…have heard how bad things are at the coast. Well…we are not there! We decided to stay at my parents’ and wait this thing out. Good decision on our part. At the moment there is no way to get to the coast, Highway 101 is either flooded out or blocked in multiple places, Highway 6 is closed from Banks to Tillamook. The town of Tillamook itself is an island (there’s no way in or out). Rockaway recently reported 104 mph winds. Other than that there is no news. The cell towers fell last night, there’s no phone and no power in most places. Let’s just say we are glad to be dry, warm, and able to watch the news and post on the internet. Not sure when we’ll be able to make it home, hopefully in the next day or two.

Pics from the Lewis Family Christmas are up in an album. A post to come soon…

Also, today Ali is FIVE MONTHS!

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