Time is flying.

I don’t know where it is going. Time, that is. The weeks have been passing very quickly as of late. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and then it’s more or less Christmas. A plus about the time passing so quickly…it is now week 8 of the ten week fall quarter! I’m excited to be almost done with the two classes I’m taking this term. I might take one in the winter or just take it off (I want to find a part-time job). It’s sometimes frustrating to have to devote what little free time I do have to reading online discussion boards. Probably the reason the bloghas been a little neglected.  This past weekend we went up to Seattle to celebrate Thanksgiving with Tony’s mom. We stayed until Monday and missed a big storm here. Driving home was wet and windy but we made it. For some reason the application that lets me upload albums of photos hasn’t been working, but will hopefully be up and running again soon. As you can see in the following photos, this weekend Ali discovered kitchen utensils.



2 thoughts on “Time is flying.

  1. I can’t believe how big she is! Haha, I think she looks bigger in pictures. Such a cute pink and brown outfit! I love it. I’m so glad this term is almost over, too. However, next term=15 credits, so I’m sure I will be officially insane by March. But, oh well. Love you guys!

  2. I can’t even believe you took classes THIS term, you crazy-woman… you’re amazing. I think you should take it easy for a term. Also- that’s really cute that you had an early Thanksgiving with Grandmere.

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