Augh, it’s been too long! So Halloween came and went. we had a good time at the Harvest Party, check the album for more pics and a synopsis through the captions. Thursday we decided to go visit Portland…about an hour before we left! We were going to stay one night be ended up staying until Saturday. It was a good visit, everybody got to see Ali andremakr on how big she’s gotten. We surprised Cynthia at work Thursday night, surprised Nana and Grandpa on Friday and Friday night Ali surprised us with about ten minutes worth of belly laughs! My mom and her were playing some sort of game and she found it just hilarious. It was so funny too, becauser not five minutes before I’d asked my mom when she was going to start laughing. Haven’t been able to coax one out of her since then, Grandma must have had a special touch.

Tons of new pics in three months and Oregon in November. Here are a couple samples 🙂

Her hair is getting super long.

She was obsessed with this bowl of meat!

Smiling at her Grandpa.

3 thoughts on “Post-Halloween.

  1. Okay..a)I love that Ali has a faux hawk in the first picture. b) Because she is drooling and staring at the bowl of meat so intently, it looks as if she is seething with hunger. I started busting up when I saw it.

  2. SO ADORABLE in the pic with Alyssa! What a happy little lady. You guys have to try and get a video of the belly laugh next time it happens!

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