The unpacking phase.

The last week has been insane. We’re still in the unpacking stage, will be for awhile probably. Luckily, we are not in a big hurry. Yesterday we got our bedroom pretty much in order. The office (which is in the loft area forthe many of you familiar with our new house) is coming along, though a little crowded at the moment. Ali’s room, the newest addition to the house (upstairs), is crowded as well but doesn’t much matter as she still sleeps with us so is mostly for storing her clothes and toys and will hopefully be a good place for her to play and stuff. Today we’re tackling the kitchen once I get my homework done. In there it’s hard because it has less room then our last kitchen ANd it was already full so it much more than merely unpacking. It’s an unpack, decide, repack and put somewhere dance. Lol.

Other than that we are enjoying it here immensly. The storm on Wednesday (or whenever) was scary at first and then fun. Anything and everything left outside was blowing around and the house makes some awfully amazing noises. It’s a wonder that the structures here can even stand through some of the weather they’re subjected to. Speaking of weather…it’s incredibel! How it can be gray and over cast one moment, sunny and blue skies the next, then a random rain (or ever hail!) storm, back to sunny, then overcast and showering again.  It’s a real lesson in taking nothing for granted, getting out there while you can, and always taking a jacket or wearing a hood! Speaking of hoods, check out Ali’s new hoodie in which she’s so "Little Red Riding Hood," and her sitting in her highchair the other night!

2 thoughts on “The unpacking phase.

  1. Ali looks so grown-up in her high chair! Woodles is also looking grown-up. I’ll bet she can’t wait to get real food in her hands and then right into her mouth. We miss you!

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