Cute clothes, cranky kid.


To see a photo shoot gone rather awry see the newest album. Last night we ventured out to the mall, I think for the second time since Ali was born. We didn’t leave until after seven, at which time we are usually moving towards bed. But Brittney was going to come visit, so we were still dressed and ready for some fun! Alas, she had a cold and, kindly, didn’t want to spread it to the baby. So we decided to go to the mall. It was SO NICE. Ali was an angel, just being quietly awake, taking it all in. With this girl’s love for colors and intense interest in textiles (and genes) I know she’s gonna be a shopper. The mall crowd was light and the people subdued. More better than the daytime crowd, that always has one too many stoller of cranky kids. It wasa nice outing to end the day with. And a good last-visit-for-awhile to the mall. We’ll soon be far, far away from a decent one. 

In other news, we’re trying to move nest weekend. AHHH! There’s so much to do. One of which, I need to master a stick shift so I can drive Tony’s car down while he drives the U-Haul. And I am far from it. Ugh. Also this week….my birthday! Twenty-three on Tuesday.   

P.S. Check out how long Ali’s hair is…and weigh in on the red debate! 

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