Glad to be home.

Even if this won’t be home much longer. The weekend wore me out. Must have worn Ali out too, since the last two nights she’s slept 12-14 hours. Either that or she’s figured out that the cold is setting in and a warm bed is the place to be! So, Friday we drove about five hours, half on mountain roads. I get car sick but was driving….and could still feel it! Poor Billie was in the back seat of Tony’s car so as to be close to Ali and she was miserable. Friday night we drove in to Tillamook so get groceries as Fred Meyer and had McD’s for dinner. Saturday we walked on the beach a little in the morning (it rained the WHOLE weekend – not a surprise) and then through "downtown" Rockaway. Mostly antique shops, candy stores, and little diners. Ali was a big hit and we told a couple people we were moving there and were welcomed very warmly. One lady heard we were coming from Seattle and warned up we’d have to slow down. Um, no duh. I’d noticed.

Then we drove back to Tillamook to visit the infamous Tillamook Cheese Factory. Same as when we were there over swpring break, the cheese was not in production. Apparently that’s only Mon-Fri. We still got some samples, bought some cheese and some ice cream. Then we drove through town to do a little exploration of the nearest city(?), population 4000. In the evening my mom and Alyssa came over (about a two hour drive from Portland), we went through a lot of the stuff that had accumulated in the ten years we’ve had the house. For example, more board games and puzzles then anyone could ever utilize, random sweatshirts, socks, and underwear, etc. They cleared they stuff out and took it for a rummage sale Alyssa is having next weekend to raise money for her upcoming mission trip to Germany. My mom also brought a ladder and jimmied up onto the roof (wet, slick, and scarily steep) to put some goo stuff on the skylight that leaked all last winter and is probably causing the framework to rot.

Sunday we came home. We stopped briefly in Seaside for lunch and to score some taffy from the Buzz (the best taffy EVER). We got home about six or so. It was a long weekend and I think I’m still recovering. We’re down to about two weeks with SO MUCH to do. Also, school started last week so I’ve added two online classes to the mix. Luckily they’re pretty applicable; Human Growth and Development, and Time and Stress Management. Check out the album titled "Rockaway" for more pics.

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