Weekend Getaway.

We’re headed down to Rockaway for the weekend. Taking my car, Tony’s mom, and a load of stuff. And hopefully a little timeto relax (for Tony especially)! He’s been working non-stop, school started for me this week, packing is weighing on both our shoulders, etc. I’m going to miss my ar when we leave it there…even though I only drive it a couple of times a week. We’re going to become a one car family which means a have to bite the bullet and learn how to drive a stick. Which I dislike both on principle and due to my tendency toward car sickness. Though, ifthat’s the case, I should prefer to drive versus ride in one anyway. Below; not the exact route we’re taking, but a general idea. Estimated time is 4 hours and 16 minutes to 5 hours. Not to sound awful, and I’m sure after one hour I’ll be bored, but that’s how much time I get to be alone! Anyway, we need to get out of here by eleven thirty and I still need to shower, pack for the weekend, pack what’s already packed into the car (okay, that’ll probably be more Tony), wake, feed, and dress the girl. You get the idea. So, if we’re MIA you know where we’ll be.

One thought on “Weekend Getaway.

  1. Have a relaxful weekend at the beach! I sympathize with you-packing up and getting on the road (and driving for more than 2 hours) is very hard with a baby. I got home last Sunday super late, not because I spent hours cleaning (but I’m glad now I did some extra cleaning for you) but because I had to feed Isaac every hour and loading up the car with a crying baby and a tired Brianna took some time and patience. I’m impressed you are able to post pictures before leaving! I hope your drive with Ali is better than my drive home with Isaac – he cried the whole 1 hour, 45minutes. Enjoy yourselves!!
    Lots of Love, K

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