Ali is such a daddy’s girl. In the last few weeks she has somehow become referred to as "Daughter," which has now been shortened to "Dot." Mostly by Tony, who’s known to nickname everything. Ali alone has more than I can remember, including: Tiny, Tiny Buns, Tiny Pants, Al, Sweet Girl, Alizabetta, etc. Here are a few moments between them the other day.

6 thoughts on ““Dot”

  1. I LOVE the unnassosiated nicknames. Esther has log been known as Sister Sue….there aren’t any Sue’s in our life, so we’re not realy sure how that one came about. And lately her brothers have been taking it one step further by calling here Sister Susan. It makes me smile!
    I love Dot as a pet name. Super cute! Love.

  2. Umm, Dot is the cutest nickname ever. Shayla will always be “Boo-Boo” to me, for some reason. I don’t even know how that one got started. And “Tiny,” as well.

  3. I’m sure that my kids are going to have the out-of-control nicknames too, as I, like Tony, tend to give EVERYONE nicknames. Charles probably has 600, given by me alone.

    And Cynthia, Boo Boo is suuuuch a common term of endearment. I do not know what it is! I think there is something with “B” sounds in general too, as terms of endearment. ALL of our pets have always gone by Boo Boo, I called Charles Boo Boo for a period of time, and I know like 3 other people who call their pets/kids Boo Boo. Also, let us not forget that the common slang for one’s significant other is, of course, “Boo.”

    Urban Dictionary entry:
    1. boo
    boo is a term that is derived from the French word “beau” meaning beautiful. In 18th century England it meant an admirer, usually male. It made it’s way into Afro-Caribbean language perhaps through the French colonization of some Caribbean islands.

    Now meaning girl or boyfriend
    “this is what I’m saying boo, it’s all about you”

  4. Mreheheh, the comments on this post crack me up. And, I’d like to say that, one year later Ali is still regularly referred to as “Dot,” whereas many of her other nicknames have dropped away while others have been picked up.

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