Today we went to PRC and picked up some goodies. TONS of cute clothes for Ali (clothes are one baby buck each, when had over one hundred and spent eighty-five), mostly for when she’s bigger. I also got an electric breast pump, so expect a report soon on how that works out. Afterwards we when to my ob-gyn and I got an IUD put in. Technically a "goody," but doesn’t exactly feel like such. Feels like period cramps really. So, nothing too horrible but definitely unpleasant. It’s gray and raining here. I’m now in sweats and a hoodie so I’m ready to spend the rest of the day relaxing in our newly warmed house (we turned the heater on this week and, though it’s a low setting, it’s AWESOME).

This is Ali last night at Royal Palm taking a bottle from Billie. Ali’s type of goodies!

2 thoughts on “Goodies.

  1. WOW! Ali is getting so big! She is just super cute! Glad to see she takes a bottle well. From what I hear, electric pumps are super when it comes to expressing your milk. You two are such great parents.

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