If you haven’t noticed the site got a little face lift this week. Check out the Pictures link on the right side of the page for albums…a new approach (via Facebook) that impact the number of pictures I post. Or, may not. The newest development was inspired by this blog, friend of a friend of a friend, that I happened upongst. Btw, if the pics have been slow to upload lately (like, the last three plus weeks) it’s because I’ve been using the high res ones and it seems to struggle everything. Sorry and we’re working on it!

Other news. BIG news. We officially have until October 17th to be out of our house. We’ll be headed down to Rockaway, Oregon where we’ll be living in my parents’ beach house for awhile. You know, saving money, paying off debt….lovely things like that. Though the move is going to be challenging and the small town a very drastic change of pace, we are super excited for so many reasons.

5 thoughts on “Changes.

  1. Agreed, as I already told Ash I think this is a great idea and it will be a really good decision for you guys. Plus, I’m ecstatic that you will be closer.

  2. I’m jealous you get to live at the beach! What fun, and in a comfortable, spacious house. I will try to deep clean as much as I can after the 20 high school boys inhabit the place this weekend! 😉

  3. Kari-

    Don’t trouble yourself! You’re going to have your hands full as it is…how brave to take the weekend on with a one month old. Those boys are more than capable to clean up after themselves. Well, at least SOME of them should be. Good luck this weekend!

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