This is my first pumped bottle! It took me about 24 hours, but I am, like, unusually proud of it. Why? Because, to me, this represents freedom and flexibility. Two very exciting words for me at the moment! Of course, the next hurdle is seeing if Ali will take a bottle but tackling the pumping issuea was obviously the first step. I didn’t have a pump until she was about a month old and when I tried pumping I got nothing. Now, this may be weird, but I can’t feel when my milk lets down. Which is good (because some people say it’s painful) but bad because I could tell, when pumping, if I was out of milk, or if I hadn’t let down. Since then my supply has been really consistent and I worried that if I pumped I’d run out and there wouldn’t be any when Ali was hungry. Yesterday I finally bit the bullet and decided to pump, nurse, or both every two hours to get my supply up so I can pump more (or at all). Now that I have a back-up bottle the whole thing seems so much easier. If I pump and there’s none left for Ali, there is something to feed her.  

3 thoughts on “Pumping

  1. Great job! I never did pump…..so I totaly understand the freedom thing! Ali is super cute! And your looking more like you did pre-prego days. Love.

  2. Yeah!! Hope the pumping goes well and gets easier and quicker. I’m sure Ali is getting enough milk still. I’m pumping once a day, mostly to save for later, and sometimes nurse right after and I’ve had days I wondered if my supply is down (lack of sleep and food will do that to you) but obviously chubby wubby (Isaac) is getting enough…he’s 10lb at 1 month! So don’t worry, relax (that’s something that can help boost your milk supply) and enjoy your freedom! Take care. Lve, K

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