Up and running.

Ugh. Techinical difficulties are such a drag. We’ve been really busy around here though, so it may not have mattered much anyway. Though, now that I think about it, I’m not sure what exactly we’ve been so bust with. Tony, working of course. Ali, being two months old an incessantly needy (which is FINE and expected and most of the time adorable, but also exhausting and trying to one’s patience). Me, trying to let Tony work, trying to keep Ali happy and healthy, trying to keep the sink empty of dishes, trying to get back on the treadmill, trying to get out of the house once in awhile! Somehow, the mundane seems to fill the day.

We have been venturing out to a lot of nearby parks. Walking, exploring, last night we even picnic[ed]. The weather has been glorious the last week or so and I am doing my best to take full advantage while the option still exists. The nights are getting longer, but darkness at eight doesn’t phase me much when we move into the bedroom about that time anyway. Now, when that becomes six, five, and (ugghhhhhh) four-thirty it will be a completely different story. And now……PICTURES.

Um, just kidding. It seems some TDs remain and, as you can tell by Tony’s post, we tend to keep different hours. I’ll wait for him to awake. Stay tuned…..

2 thoughts on “Up and running.

  1. This has absolutely nothing to do with the post, but I had to tell you.

    So last, night I had another crazy dream (all I do lately). I was babysitting Ali, and at a certain point she started talking to me! I wasn’t all that amazed either. I was like, “Cynthia, how old is Ali…” and she was like, “Oh, about 2 months…” and I was like “Well, this two-month old just told me she likes my necklace.” And then in the dream I texted you (I LOVE that if a two month old started talking I would text about it) saying that your daughter must be a prodigy or something because she just complimented my necklace.

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