Two months old.

This is me as a baby. Ali is starting to look more like me sometimes. I’m not sure if she got overly exhausted in Oregon, kind of sick, or has started teething(!) but Ali was really strangethe last few days. Especially Saturday…she was really whiny, would randomly burst into sobs, HAD to be held and mostly just wanted to nurse. I was also feeling strange, not exactly sick but overly chilly and tired. Ali’s also been drooling WAY more than she ever has and seems unable tokeep her fingers (and often entire fist) out of her mouth. If she’s been feeling badly I sure hope she feels better soon. And it she’s teething then God help us all. 

One thought on “Two months old.

  1. You look really cold in that picture. Omg, if she is even teething already. Shayla was a late teether…she didn’t get a first tooth till she was like nine months old.

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