We came down Friday morning to spend a long weekend at my parents, seeing family and showing Ali off. We were glad to be taking Trista back with us…someone to assist if Ali was cranky in the car. Miraculously, the child slept the whole way down! We timed our departure with her morning nap and left right at 10am. We stopped for lunch at the first Burgerville (Tony’s favorite) down I-5, about 12:30, just as she began to wake up. We all ate and got back in the car. Ali fell right back to sleep and slept until we arrived around 2pm. Alyssa was the only one home. She is enduring the dreaded daily doubles this week for high school soccer and was one break from the grueling schedule. My mom was still at her last day of school [for awhile] and my dad was sleeping off his graveyard shift. So, about twenty minutes after getting home, we headed back to the car to go introduce Ali to her great Nana and Grandpa.

Note: The pictures in this post are kind of wonky because I’m missing my compy and photo-editing program. Resizing the images in wordpress doesn’t really due the photos justice.

Alizabeth Shirlie and her namesake, Nana Shirley.

Grandpa, Nana, Ali, and I.

Friday night Uncle Bill caught word of our arrival. Small towns are crazy like that (my brother’s girlfriend, Becky, works at Blockbuster where he stopped on his walk that night). Saturday afternoon my mom’s side of the family came over. First, my Grandma (now great grandma) came over. Then my Aunt Pat, Uncle David, and Cousin Brandon dropped by. Last My Aunt Yvonne and Matthew made time in her crazy day of soccer tournaments and a wedding to see Ali. She was joined by my Uncle Don before everyone hit the road to return to the bustle of outlet malls and soccer games.

Ali and her great uncle Bill.

Great grandma Carol (not to be confused with Carroll). Ali looks like a little munchkin here.

Aunt Pat got a whole bunch of smiles.

Great Uncle David.

My cousin Brandon. Ali’s…second cousin? I’m not sure. That baby looks good on him!

Ali sure was calm with her great aunt Yvonne.

Great uncle Don and company.

Four generations!

Saturday I found out a dear friend of mine, Laurie, had died Thursday night. We were planning to go visit her this weekend, as she’d been waiting eargerly for her chance to hold Ali. I met Laurie when I worked at Subway in high school and we’ve remained in touch ever since. She has two daughters, one older than me, one younger. My heart breaks for her girls and her family. Laurie, I’m so sad that you have gone. The world doesn’t know what it is missing without you here. In light of this tragedy we are staying in town until the funeral Wednesday afternoon.

Coming soon: The Lewis BBQ on Sunday. Also, Happy Birthday to my Nana today!

2 thoughts on “Oregon.

  1. A few notes… for those of you not familiar with Oregon high school athletics, daily doubles are pretty much two-a-days before various sport seasons begin. Burgerville is good as a mug. And some of the pictures have that glowy effect because there was a smudge on the lens which I didn’t notice for quite awhile.

  2. I knew the link on wonky would be urban dictionary!

    Anyway, I hate that we didn’t get to see you guys. We ended up not getting home ’til 10:30 anyway and I had indeed gotten a cold somewhere along the line, so I was hating EVERYTHING. So, yeah. I’m glad I didn’t give anything to Ali, or you guys for that matter!

    See Cynthia while you’re still in town, she’s home from the cruise now! And perhaps with child? Bahahaha…

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