This is the mobile we scored on Tuesday. We saw one just like it yesterday at our local Mommy’N’Me consignment shop. Twenty-five bucks used! The whole thing turns like an amusment park ride and plays fifteen minutes of Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart. Best of all….she loves it! She has just sat and watched it, gurgling, for 15-20 minutes on two or three occasions. What a godsent, a little get ready time in the morning!

Yesterday we ventured out to the usual (Target and Costco), beforementioned Mommy’N’Me, and, for the first time, the Mukilteo Farmer’s Market. This summer WIC is giving out coupons to local farmer’s markets. I’d been the the downtown Edmonds one here before, but they don’t accept the coupons so we visited nearby Mukilteo last night. It was the first sunny, warm-to-hot, day in about a week and the waterfront down there was gorgeous. The market was pretty small, but vibrant. They had a band performing and was bustling for 4pm on a Wednesday. WE picked up some green beans, zuchinni, bread, peppers, plums, nectarines, and kettle korn. The produce tastes so much better that supermarket produce, but you really have to readjust your degree of pickiness. What would be a "bad" apple at Safeway is superb if homegrown. All that genetic modification has skewed our view!

Ali has slept through the night every night Trista has been here! I hope, hope, hope this is the way things are going to be from now on. It lets me get up at seven or eight instead of nine, ten, or eleven and makes for a muhc longer feeling day.

Three days old…..Fifty days old.   

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  1. I LOVE the mobile! Classical is the best and I also LOVE the side-by-side photos of you and Ali…’s true that she’s grown, and alot! Love.

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