Camera crazy. Sleeping through the night?

Two nights could be a fluke, but the night before last Ali slept from eleven-thirty to six-thirty and last night she broke that record by sleeping from twelve-thirty to eight-thirty! Maybe she just picked up on how exhausted I was. The last couple days I’ve felt so much better….even if I’m getting the same amount of sleep (or less!) in hours. It makes such a difference if the hours are consecutive.

I don’t know if it’s possible to take too many pics of your growing baby. With digital cameras I’m going to say no. It could be argued that I lack discretion when it comes to choosing which to post….and, most often, decide to just post them all.

"No way Trista!"

That bow is struggling.

She wants a finger in there so bad.

CHOKE!     This picture cracks me up every time I see it.

Such a happy, stretchy, girl in the morning.

No, she didn’t sleep in her crib. I set her there after changing so I could pee.

She has been sleeping soundly in her crib for the past hour and a half though!

One thought on “Camera crazy. Sleeping through the night?

  1. Dear Ashley and Tony,

    I’m glad that you take lots of pictures, then I can keep up almost everyday.
    That’s excellent news that Ali has slept through the wee hours for the past two nights. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that this continues. She looks lovely in her crib, hopefully she’ll come to like it better as well.
    I’m working with Joel and staying with his family and he has a almost 2 year old daughter to whom I have been reading books and playing games. They are teasing me that I am practicing for Ali.
    Julia (their daughter) especially likes seeing “The Baby – Alizabeth”. When I am working on the computer she comes over and we pull up your WEB site to see the latest photos. She says “Pick up, pick up” and tried to pick up the screen.
    Anyway, enjoy every moment, before you know it she’ll be going off to school.

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