Happy birthday Grand-mere!

August 11th was Billie’s birthday, and last night we went out for thai to celebrate. Ali was wearing her new (five-dollar Freddy’s clearance) outfit, bought especially for the event. I wish all the clothes she has could be interchangeable, no matter the size. She has so many adorable dresses for 3 months and over, and none that quite fit yet. Then again, I know she’ll be filling them out before we know it.


Ready to hit the town.

You can totally tell she’s starting to listen.

I thought he looked mean but apparently this is Shpang’s normal look.

The Royal Palm.


She tends to get cranky in the evenings.

Sleepy girl.

Not for long!

So tired…is it time to go home?

She looks pretty stoked.


2 thoughts on “Happy birthday Grand-mere!

  1. I love the outfit. And such a great price! She’s starting to look like and ‘older’ baby:( Enjoy her, squeeze her more than less. She won’t be as she is now forever! Just a note, I’m pretty sure you already do the previous, but I just had to write it anyway. Love.

  2. I was going to say the same thing! She doesn’t look so “newborn”-ish anymore! Cameras are amazing when it comes to this! You guys are so smart documenting all the little things. Like birthdays, new dresses… and poop.

    Bahaha, love you guys.

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