In motion.

Ali looooooves to move. To be carried, bounced, swung, driven, strolled…you name it. I have also found the PERFECT mommy device. It’s my yoga ball. I can sit on it and bounce…it’s a rest from constantly walking, she likes it better than the wing because she’s still with me and if I hold herfacing out towards the window she enjoys looking outside. The last few days I’ve turned music on and sung along….she’s goes to sleep within 2-5 songs. Doesn’t tend to stay asleep once she’s set down, but still. Also, it’s a really good ab workout. The bad? After all this recent bouncing and the constant rocking before, during, and after feedings I think I messed my inner ear up somehow. Since last night I’ve been feeling really dizzy and off-balance, as if I just stepped off of an elevator. We walked through a neighborhood park this evening and Ali got her first ride on a playground swing. I could hardly even watch her though, the motion made me feel all loopy.

In her swing this afternoon.

Not so sure about this.

REALLY not so sure.


Those dangling feet.

Calming down.

Just having a chill.

2 thoughts on “In motion.

  1. I hope you don’t develop some mild kind of vertigo or something… go to the doctor if it gets worse! I love how tiny Ali is in the already small swing.

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