Naked, smiles, and sucking.

We had a little photo session this morning before Tony went to work. After a rather brief nap that allowed me breakfast and a shower (at noon), a load of laundry and quick chance at the dishes, Ali has basically been up since one-thirty. It’s seven-thirty now. She fallen asleep for a couple fifteen of so minutes but awakens whenever she’s put down. Have I mentioned how spoiled this girl is? She’s slept in her crib maybe half a dozen times. Two nights ago she slept in there from 2:30am until 5am. It was reason to celebrate! Other than that she sleeps with/on my every night. Which is good for the breastfeeding aspect (she’s nearby and I don’t have to get up nor necessarily stay awake through the feeding) but bad for getting good sleep. I’ve always been a stomach or side sleeper, but have become accustomed to passed out propped up on pillow with my arm around an infant (or one on my chest).

Perhaps adding to the nighttime dilemma (which it really isn’t, more just an annoyance) is that Ali likes to suck but we’ve pretty much limited her to our fingers. We’ve hesitated on a pacifier and kind of deterred her from sucking her fingers. Though lately Tony has been assisting her getting her thumb in her mouth. this afternoon I was the one who gave her that extra push.

This is the first time (at more than five weeks old) that she’s had a pacifier in her mouth…Tony took it out.

2 thoughts on “Naked, smiles, and sucking.

  1. Adorable, gorgeous pictures! Haha, I love that the sucking issue is such a debate. I dunno though…a binky seems like a better option than her thumb. Although, how freaking cute is she while sucking her thumb? But, I bet pretty soon, she won’t need either, if she’s made it this far.

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