Blackberry jello.

It’s August and the blackberries are getting ripe! There are a ton of them on some land a short walk from our house and I have been checking on them every few days the past couple of weeks, eagerly awaiting their edibility. Saturday afternoon we went on a walk and found then ripe for the picking! In the evening we went back with a container and picked for awhile.

That’s how much I got and the raspberry jello I mixed them into. Not as good as my mom’s with her fresh raspberries but not bad. Especially for a $1 dessert. This is my fourth August up here and I never remember how disappointing it is. The clouds roll in more mornings then not and take the morning and sometimes most of the afternoon to wear off. Usually the sun comes out and sometimes it warms up, but the nights cool down real quick and realy far….like low to mid 50s. It always feels like the rug of summer has been yanked out from under me. Anyway, today was overcast and almost cold all day long. Off and on showers. It felt like April. Yuck. i’m so not ready for the dreary darkness that is fall in Seattle.

I’m backlogged on pictures…she’s just too cute to omit a single one.

Apparently we sleep the same.

Sunday, I think.

Standing on Daddy’s head!

Getting out of the house today.

Mom, leave me alone!

Wiped out.

Just is case any of you missed it, Karlin posted a number of cute pictures in a comment on the last post.

4 thoughts on “Blackberry jello.

  1. Yummm, blackberries! Haha, I laughed outloud about you and Ali sleeping the same, before I even read your comment about it. And you and Tony are really cute in that picture. And, of course, Ali is adorable as always. šŸ™‚

  2. She is starting to really develop her own look! Rather than “Oh goodness she looks so much like Ashley/Tony,” she’s really starting to just look like Ali. She’s looking so much older even since we were there! Very cute pics, and the blackberries look delicious. I need to find a place to pick around here.

  3. Another cheep and easy dessert idea is to go buy vanilla ice cream (store brand or what ever is on sale) and let it melt a little and mix the berries in. I think I ate all of raspberries out of our garden that way.

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