I’m not sure how we started calling each other that. Some time in high school for some reason that’s long forgotten (by me at least). Yesterday Karlin and Cynthia made the long trek up here to meet Alizabeth. In Friday rush hour traffic. And home late the same night. The kicker is Cynthia had to get up for work at five this morning. You two are amazing! Cass, you were missed but hopefully we’ll see you soon. We’re hoping to come down either Labor Day weekend or the weekend before.

Ali liked Karlin’s hair.

Cynthia is so a veteran mother.

Mugging for the camera.

Cynthia was in my kindegarten class and, Karlin, my first grade so I’ve known both of them most my life. Cynthia and I became friends during our years in Girl Scouts…Karlin and I sometime in seventh grade? We had a lot of mutual friends and both played the clarinet in band. We went on to become self-proclaimed "band geeks" throughout high school. Cynthia has a nearly two-year-old daughter, Shayla, and is a bevy of parenting advice. All three of us have gone through so much together and it sucks I don’t get to see them very much. Yet another reason to move to Oregon sooner rather than later.

Us and Ryan, the original "F4," on a beach trip in 2001.

Class of 2003.

Grad party. What is Cynthia doing to Cassie’s hair?

Cynthia’s 21st birthday – December 26, 2005.

Cynthia and Shayla – Mother’s Day Weekend 2007.

Also, yesterday Ali was ONE MONTH! I cannot believe it. Both that she’s that old and that we’ve only had her that long. Also that I’ve gone one entire month without sleeping more than five hours in a row. 

5 thoughts on “Chiquitas.

  1. Wide eyes that she looks right at you with!

    Ali with Auntie Cynthia

    Daddy and daughter… love the fists as Ali looks disgruntled…

    Ali’s pythons!

    Ali greets her adoring public.

    “Are you serious?”

    Ali’s rebel yell… total rockstar in the making

    Biiiiiiiig yawn.

    We had so much fun seeing you guys! Thanks for letting us come meet your beautiful daughter. Can’t wait til next time!

  2. So pretty much I was having a hard time with Flickr letting me embed photos in something other than my own blog, so I hope that all works… ugh.

  3. I think I fixed the photos so they’ll show up. I LOVE the “Are you serious?” one. That’s a look I have’nt seen yet and it is, like, the funniest. Perfect caption for it.

  4. I am SO sad that I missed this trip : ( but I will totally make the next one… or hang out when you guys come down

    — loves cass

  5. I had so much fun visiting you guys! Ali is so adorable and I can’t wait for you guys to move down here so I can swing her all the time. 🙂

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