Meet the Carrolls.


I feel like the last week has been so busy. Or at least free time has been lacking. Welcome to motherhood I guess! Ali has continued her insatiability…and coupled it with hours of crankiness for a number of days. Most notably was Monday and Tuesday, when Tony’s family from Iowa came out to visit us/meet Ali and I. We took probably a hundred pictures and, going through them, too many were too cute not to include. Since time is always of the essence when naps feel few and far between, I’ll let the pics do most of the blogging.

Meet Aunt Martha (left) and Aunt Georgia (right). They are thirteen and ten and cute as can be. Note Ali’s hat representin’ the Hawkeyes.

Anthony’s stepmom, Grandma Karen.

Tony’s dad and Ali’s grandpa. She’s screaming as was frequent. But isn’t the barrette cute?

What a striking family.



Monday evening we walked down at the waterfront in Edmonds and then had our first dinner out with Ali, at Anthony’s Beach Cafe. She slept the whole time and it was loud in there!

Tuesday we drove down to Gig Harbor for a picnic. This is Ali, gangtsa-style.

Screaming with Martha.

Daddy knows what to do.

Playing some football.

I love Georgia in this one.

She was good for a little while…looks kinda smiley even here.

They roasted marshmellows.

Ali nursed.

We went back to the RV park…look at everywhere they’ve been! This last trip they added Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

Everybody needs to hold her before we leave.

Poor Georgia.

Ali looks like she’s expecting some food.

Three generations. NOT the happiest little girl.

Lastly, here are some VERY cute shots from yesterday…almost one month old!

Strolling through the neighborhood.

The park’s newest structure. Rather dangerous looking, right?

2 thoughts on “Meet the Carrolls.

  1. She is so precious. I love the wide-eyed-wonder look that she has.

    GUESS WHAT, GUYS??!?! I’M COMING TO MEET ALI TOMORROW! Amazingly, my coworker wanted tonight off for a family birthday, so we switched, and now I get to come with Cynthia! I’m so excited!


  2. Tony, I can’t believe how grown up your sisters are now. The last I saw pictures of them must have been 7 years ago? Time flies. Everyone looks happy and wonderful. Happy one-month birthday Ali!

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