Week four.

This last week or so, Ali seems to be almost insatiable. She’s beginning to be awake for longer stretches….which sometimes makes for a very cranky three week old. On the flip side she’s sleeping more, and longer at a time, during the night. Except for last night. And the one before. But that’s the insatiable thing. She just wakes up to nurse, so most of the night she just sleeps next to my boob!

Tony has still been able to work from home, which allows us a lot of flexibility. We walk through the neighborhood a lot (to keep from going crazy locked up in the house….and in an attempt to catch some of summer so quickly passing us by), Thursday we even ventured down to the waterfront in Edmonds for a change of scenery. Other than that…we frequent Target pretty regularly, made a quick stop at Costco for toilet paper and water the yesterday, then stopped by Kris’ to show her how Ali’s grown. We go to the grocery store for the essentials…I can’t remember the last time we actually stocked up. It seems like too much effort usually. We have been doing a good job of cleaning out the cupboards though, and getting inventive with things in the freezer! We’ve been watching a TON of television too (Big Brother 8, King of Queens, Airline, Good Eats, Top Chef, Hey Paula, Intervention, That 70’s Show, Real Estate Pros). Thank you Dish Network and DVRs!

Deep in thought?

Sleeping through her walk.

Tony trying to pick an apple.

Those lips!

Sometimes she’s awake.

Visiting Kris.

3 thoughts on “Week four.

  1. Haha, always with the finger motions in pictures, it seems! She looks shocked in the fifth picture. Like she’s seen sometime horrifying.

  2. Ali’s cheeks are getting chubby! Oh, I loved the slide show……good job to get out as much as you can. Love to you from down south.

  3. What a cutie! I haven’t visited your site in a couple weeks—we’ve been out of town, busy, etc. WOW Ali is growing so quickly! The first picture of her “deep in thought” she sure looks like Tony! What a sweetheart. Uncle Don says Hi.

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