“How far along are you?”

Long time no post. We’ve been busy this week. Tuesday I had a dermotologist appointment in downtown Seattle. Tony and Ali came along. It’s been about five weeks since I’d been last (I’m in the process of getting a scar on my chin injected to flatten it), so I was very pregnant at the last appointment. First, they tell us the doc is running half an hour behind. Ugh. Then they take us out of the posh waiting room and leave us to wait in the exam room that whole time. Ugh again. UW (University of Washington) is a teaching hospital so you see much more of an intern then the doc there. Finally our guy comes in, and the hilarity ensues. Although, to those of you a bit less sleep deprived then we were at the time, it might be a bit less funny.

The intern walks in and says, "Mr. Lewis?" Tony and I say, "Uh, no….Ms. Lewis?" He then mumbles something about being from the south where Ashley is a boy’s name, turns to Tony and says, "Well, then you must be Mr. Ashley." This time it’s Tony that mumbles, "Um, something like that." Tony is holding Ali and the guy asks, "And who is this?" We say, "Alizabeth," and he says "Oh, Alizabeth Ashley." At this point we’re completely perplexed but whatever…names are hard sometimes and you know how in the medical field it’s always last name – first name (i.e. Lewis, Ashley) so maybe he just got confused. Also he was Asian so I thought he might now be very familiar with American names. Then he starts glancing through my chart and asking me all sorts of dumb questions they’ve asked every time I go in there (the joys of a teaching hospital). He asks me if I’ve been going to my OB appointments regularly (I was initially referred to the derm during by my OB because of the way some of my moles ballooned during pregnancy). I say I have and then he asks my how far along I am! I kind of glance at Tony, this did that just happen look and answer, "She’s two weeks old?" To which the intern looks confused, stumbles a bit and then comes back together, "Oh, so you already had your baby?" Tony just pointed at her in response.

The guy was then completely flustered the rest of the time. I was trying so hard not to bust up, but not doing the best job, which caused his to become more flustered. It was seriously the most awkward, unbelievable, doctor’s trip. When they went to do the injection he didn’t perform it, instead he observed the doc do it (a first…my other two injections were given by the interns, one observed by the doc, the other unsupervised) and when they went to lower the chair/bed thing he didn’t even know how to work it. It was then I remembered the warnings I’d heard about having a baby in July. All the med students graduate in June and, in July, new interns flood the medical community. I really hope that was the case with this guy and he learns a lot. Quickly.

Tonight my mom, dad, and sisters are coming up to see Ali. This is the first time my dad and Trista are seeing her, which is so exciting! Also, at 12:01am Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is released. Not sure when I’ll get my hands on a copy, but I’m eagerly anticipating the seventh and final book of the series. Though it’s conclusion will very definitely be bittersweet.

Susie and family came over for dinner on their last night here.

Seventeen days old. Sleeping yesterday afternoon.

Big yawn on a walk last night.

She’s got some "baby acne."

Tony checks out a nearby playground.

I think his sunglasses make him look mean.

A rare picture of Ali and I. Me beyond my boob at least…

2 thoughts on ““How far along are you?”

  1. My oh my! Terribly funny! Although sorry at the same time…….sorry for the intern! At some point you just gotta cut your losses and STOP TALKING! Love you and the picts.

  2. Ohmygoodness…I laughed out loud —this was too funny!
    Hopefully someday the doc will look back on his intern days and chuckle too!

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