Daddy and the doctor.

As previously mentioned, Ali had her two week check-up today. Little girl is healthy as can be and growing before our very eyes. Poor thing had to get a second PKU test (the heel poke) which is torturous to watch and hear. Then we had a nice nurse in the post office parking lot (you all should be checking your mailboxes!) and stopped by Subway to get lunch and introduce Ali to Nena, my old manager.  

She loves her milk.

Eight pounds!

Daddy and daughter. They’re quite the photo-op…again and again and again 🙂

5 thoughts on “Daddy and the doctor.

  1. You are the perfect Mom….an easy going one! LUV the photos. I just commented to Ben that Ali seems to be a Chunky Monkey! Love!

  2. Ali is so adorable! All that hair! And all that cute baby chubbiness! It’s so crazy to “watch” her change over the course of, like, two weeks!

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