BBQ at Grand-mere’s.

Friday night we went to Billie’s house for an amazing brisket Susie’s husband, Steve, slaved away making for, like, twenty-four hours. This was Ali’s first visit to her grand-mere’s. She was unusually awake and active throughout, feeding twice without drifting off (more or less unheard of).

Ugh, I feel bad about my lack of writing lately….pictures are much easier to post. Plus, they sat 1000 words or whatever, right? It’s hot here tonight, or maybe that’s just because I’ve been cooking this half-turkey for two-and-a-half or so hours. Anyway, it needs to be checked and I’m suddenly completely overheated.

Some notes on these pics: Ali is the same size as Tony’s sandwich, the quilt was lovingly made by Great-grandma Swalla and turned out great, can you tell the boys had been swimming?, and Ali loves to suck on fingers…even if they’re not her own!

4 thoughts on “BBQ at Grand-mere’s.

  1. Let’s just skip the fact that Ali is adorable, because I say it in EVERY post, but I wanted to comment to you Ash, that you look great! For someone who I’m sure is not getting any sleep, you look so fresh and glowy still.

  2. I have to agree with Karlin’s comment about you looking great Ashley! I just thought i’d point out that Susie and Billie look almost identical in some of these pics! also, i printed off the pic of Alizabeth on the quilt mom made so i can give it to her -she will be ecstactic! She has been busily working on one for Todd and Rhiannon’s little one who is due in August. Last but not least, Alizabeth is a living doll, what a cutie!! I am definitely jealous that Suse has gotten to see her already 🙂 Take care you three! Love and hugs to all!

  3. (And to continue on the belated, but rather self-centered commentary: Che is in one of these pictures! That’s such a trip. I hope he is doing alright since his dad passed away. I don’t really understand the connection — are he and Anthony just buddies or are they related? I was surprised to see him here.)

  4. Che and my bro went to elementary school together and were best friends growing up. His mom (hi Mela!) and our mom are still really close. These pics were from Summer ’07 when he was interning in Washington and stayed with my ma.

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