One week down.

Ali was one week old at 6:49 this morning. We have, are, and will continue to survive. That’s good to know 🙂

Catching flies at six days old.

Daddy bought this onesie for Christmas…Ali’s first present!

She LOVES her fingers. And yesterday I caught her sucking her thumb.*

This is where she looks just like daddy, it’s all in the one-eyed squint.

Conked out after feeding.

Sleeping angel.

Last night her umbilical cord fell off. The remaining belly looks so painful, but I guess that’s the way life goes. Pics to come, probably.

* I sucked my thumb until I was twelve years old. Which is very embarrassing to admit! I only stopped when I got a herbst (a lovely piece of orthodontia that involves top and bottom retainers hinged together with a key to screw the top one further apart every week and widen the roof of one’s mouth) and could no longer fit my thumb in. I’d prefer Ali suck something that can be taken away…like a pacifier.

3 thoughts on “One week down.

  1. She is so cute. I can’t get over it. I love the second one down of her in the Seattle onesie. Very expressive!

  2. What is that that she’s sleeping in? She’s so cute all curled up in it. Always with the fingers in the face. Shayla constantly scratched herself. The third picture down looks like she’s posing and trying to figure out how she can get that camera from you.

  3. It’s one of those bean bag pillows. Funny thing is, I used to sleep with it under my belly when I was preggo. Now it’s a good place to, kind of, set her….but she doesn’t actually sleep in it. Just for photo-ops 😉

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