Chubby cheeks (or getting there).

Yesterday Grandmere came to see Ali, the first she’s been able to since Tuesday. Since then Billie’s been both up to San Juan Island and down to do a talk in Oregon. That after she just returned from two plus weeks in Paris and London on Sunday. With her was a package of the cutest stuff from Ali’s Great Aunt Mary. Notice the giraffe in the pic below. It plays music and Ali loves it. You can almost see how entranced she was!

We’ve been four nights home now and it really hasn’t been so bad. Note to Cynthia: No, she’s definitely not one of those that sleeps through the night straight off and I don’t haveto wake her up to feed. She does that just fine! Nursing puts her right to sleep though, which is good and bad. On one hand she’s out like a light, on the other she’s up and hungry again 90 minutes to two hours later. But I think that’s how it’s supposed to be, so I have no complaints. The hardest time for me so far has been evenings and early night. That’s when I am just absolutely beat (I haven’t yet managed a nap during the day, even though she seems to sleep almost non-stop through the afternoon), so Tony has been doinghisbest to get me a couple hours from nine to midnight or so and then I do the rest of the night. Which really just means a change and a feed (or maybe cleaning up a blow out) two of three times. I am so glad she’s a summer baby. By four-thirty the sun is up and it feels like we’ve made it. I can’t imagine it being dark until seven…and then getting dark again at four-thirty!

These are a couple pictures I snapped about an hour ago. She looks so much older already, with her cheeks beginning to fill out. Too bad I didn’t use the flash in all of them, please excuse the darkness and lack of clarity.

Now to start thinking about getting dressed. Or showered. Or lunch. Where to begin?

5 thoughts on “Chubby cheeks (or getting there).

  1. Love the close-up of her in her bouncy chair (with the flash) Her coloring is perfect! She is so pretty in pink! Love that about her! I also like the family picture of the three of you coming home from the hospital. : – ) Glad to read that things are going so well. : – )

  2. She doesn’t seem to especially like or dislike anything. So far she’s been content with bouncy, swing, and carseat…as long as she’s fed and changed. In which case she’s content pretty much anywhere.

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