I’m breaking that whole "sleep while your baby is sleeping rule." I’m finding that a hard one to follow at times. More on that at a later date. I also hope to write a bit about labor and Ali’s birth. I guess when I get a chance. Until then, stay tuned. Also, thank you so much, to everyone, for all your supprt, words of encouragment, congratulations, exclamations (she is the cutest!), and general contact. So many of you live far away and it helps us immensely to feel connected.

On a side note: we had our first doctor’s appointment yesterday. We’ve decided to use the family practitioner Tony began seeing this year. The appointment went well and was pretty routine. We hovered and attempted comforting like the nervous newbies we are. Ali’s doing great, she weighed in at 6lbs. 15oz. Only three ounces less than her birth weight, so not much ground to make up at this point. My milk has been coming in over the last few days, and has not been anywhere near as bad as anticipated. Mostly I just feel like I got a couple bean bags, or rocks, or something strapped to the front of me. Breastfeeding is another topic I hope to touch on more soon.

So without further adieu, here are some photos of Ali coming home from the hospital. The non-bobblehead editions.

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  1. Again, so much cuteness! I hated the whole “sleep while your baby is sleeping rule.” I never seemed quite able to do it. Even when I was crazy exhausted.

  2. You look fabulus! All three of you! It’s astounding to think that Ali was still inside Ashley last week……oh, you bosth look like pro’s. I didn’t think that happned within the first week….:o) (at least it didnt’ with me!) Love.

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