No news.

So please don’t think we’ve some how forgotten you! It’s been borderline comical, the loved ones who think updating them has slipping our mind. Believe me, we wish we had something to tell as badly as you’d like to be told!

Today we vaccuumed out our respective cars (which was way more of a drama than it should have been. Blame no one carrying cash these days, Out-of-Service machines, Saturday morning traffic, and numerous car washes), had an impromptu business meeting, walked to the local teryaki joint for bubble teas, I napped while Tony did some stuff around the house, and are now about halfway through the second season of Project Runway. I finished Harry Potter this morning and that makes me sad. I miss it!

No contractions. No breaking of water. Just, what I assume, is typical late-late pregnancy fatigue, irritability, and inability to get/remain comfortable.  I have no idea how people go one, two or more weeks late. Please, God, don’t let me still be pregnant next weekend. Although I am sure, like most things, this is something you just have to take one day at a time.

3 thoughts on “No news.

  1. Awwwwh! I was 4 days late with Es…..I feel our impatience and fatigue! She’ll have to come out sooner or later…..I’m hoping for the sooner option:) Love. Katy

  2. As I told Cynthia weeks ago, I had a strange intuition-type feeling that Ali would be late. Stubborn little one…!

  3. Aghh, the anticipation is killing ME right now, so I can’t imagine what it’s doing to you guys! I hope you’re at least sleeping well! C’mon, Ali…we wanna see you, lady!

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