Mucous Plug

Immediately after writing that last post I went to the bathroom and found my mucous plug. No contractions yet. It could still be awhile but, at this point, progression is a good sign. I called my mom and then we made some lunch (Tony’s working from home today). I’m trying to remind myself that patience is a virtue! And that we’ve got grandmas on both sides hoping she’ll stay in a few days longer…

4 thoughts on “Mucous Plug

  1. I hate that I am your stalker right now and keep coming back to see what is going on in eager anticipation. Yay, any progress is good when you’re waiting and waiting…and waiting…

  2. I LOVE that you are our stalker. I want nobody else. Start a blog so I can stalk you right back…I’m real good at it 🙂
    Yeah, progress is good but LABOR would be better. I’m now more than 24 hours without a contraction…sigh.
    Oh well, maybe she’ll pull a Shayla an come right after midnight on her due due.
    When are you off on that honeymoon lovely cruise?

  3. Haha, I keep thinking she might pull the “right on the due date” thing as well. But it can’t be long now! We’re not leaving for the cruise until August, so I have to anticipate yet another thing for a ridiculous amount of time. But at least I’ll be around when Ali is born!

  4. Bonjour Ashley and Tony,

    Congratulations on dropping the mucus plug! That’s a good sign. The 2 cm. dilated is a good sign, too. Even though it is costing you some sleepless nights, the more that labor happens slowly will probably mean less pain and problems at the actual birth.
    I know how frustrating it must be for you and Tony, anyone who has ever waited for a baby’s birth knows that it can be interminable.
    Those are great photos of you and Tony on the beach, though! You’ll treasure those in the years to come.
    Mom (from Paris!)

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