Last night I was really struggling. I thought I had cramps/contractions/whatever they are all night. More likely, is I woke up whenever I had them so it just seemed like that. Tony said that after I fell asleep but before he did they were about an hour apart for thirty or so seconds. The morning I thought there was no way I was going to not have her today. But, I got up just before nine…and haven’t had more than a twinge since (that’s coming up on four hours). I took a bath and finished reading the book I started yesterday. It’s gray and overcast today, a stark difference from yesterday’s sunny and eighties. I’m tired and bored and somewhat overwhlemed by how dirty the house suddenly seems. Perhaps a nesting urge? If only there was a burst ofenergy to accompany it!

As far as RSS feeds go, Tony said he’d make a post to explain it. I’m not sure if I understand…I think it means you don’t have to check back for updates, but I’m not sure how one is updated. I dunno. But rest assured, any news will be posted. We have no lives…

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