No action.

We are home for the weekend. Sadly, regrettably, and yet, probably wisely. I’ve been having a lot of cramping still, especially last night (Tony said I moaned and groaned pretty throughout) but no definite contractions, no discernable mucous plug or "bloody show." She seems to be dropping every day and I think even she’s to the point where she wants out. Sometimes it seems likeshe spends hours at a time trying to beat/spin/finagle her way out. Which is uncomfortable to say the least. The days have reached a delicate balancing act of doing enough "strenuous" exercise (lol, which includes dishes, laundry, walking, washing the car, etc.) and keeping my feet up so the left one, in particular, doesn’t swell right off me! Today we spent a good chunk of time gathering/organizing addresses so we could send out birth announcements. Now we just have to get a move on designing them!

A side note on cravings: while I haven’t had a ton throughout, the last week and a half or so I cannot stop thinking about Taro flavored Bubble Tea. I’ve been having them, like, every other day. There’s a teryaki shop that sells them five or so blocks from us and it’s a good excuse for a walk! Plus, they’re made with milk and, if you only get a third or half the normal amount of tapioca pearls, not too damaging calorically.

I want to congratulate Cynthia and Joel [and Shayla] on their wedding tomorrow! Know that we are there in spirit and soooooo happy for you guys.

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  1. We missed you guys sooo much at the wedding. We all kept saying how we wished you were there. It was so, so nice though, and we will of course send or post tons of pictures!



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