Baby Shower!

Alright, this post is a little belated. Chalk that up to travelling this late in the game and my finishing the term yesterday. Sunday I came home and put my feet up for probably four or five hours. Seriously, they were that bad. They looked like balloons and I could no longer flex them. I’m sure a consequence of long car rides and fast food three times in as many days. Monday we went to the doc early. He did his thing and I spent the rest of the day more or less recovering. Maybe I am such a weenie? I don’t know but I’m not a fan of the effects of his sticking his whole hand up there. Apparently some progression, he can fit a fingertip in now, whereas last week he couldn’t even tell if she was head down. I’ve also been plowing my way through the second season of Grey’s Anatomy, a great incentive to spend a day "resting."

So, Friday we drove done to my parents’ in the morning. Friday afternoon and evening we mostly just hung around the house playing Jordan’s new Wii (I was sore until Tuesday!) and observing all the comings and goings and drama that seems to be the norm there. It always makes us appreciate the quiet that our house is! We also made a quick run to the mall because I wanted something to wear for the baby shower the next morning.

This is Reshma, my cousin. She was the amazing hostess (thanks again Resh!). The next picture is my mom with my great Aunt Karen (my dad’s aunt), who so graciously allowed us all into her beautiful home. The third is the dress I found at Motherhood.

Some of the lovely people in attendence (always from left to right): My aunt Yvonne and aunt Pat (married to my mom’s brothers); Two of my chiquitas, Cassandra and Cynthia; My cousin Ben’s adorable daughter Esther (and Ali’s second cousin) and my cousin Hannah; my cousins Reshma and Heather (to be continued)…

…my cousin Ben’s wife (and Essie’s mother) Katy–possibly our best blog reader, Kari, my cousin Tyler’s wife, my Nana and Ali’s namesake (Shirley); Trista, dutifully taking notes, and my mom; my grandma, Uncle Bill (he and Tony stuck it out together!), his daughter-in-law Anna, and Anna’s girls, Emilie and Gracie.

Some people must have been a little camera shy. Ahem, Alyssa. Also my aunts, Nadine and Pam. Well, there is one picture of them but they’re playing a game and something looks kind of wrong…I think my Aunt Pam was concentrating too hard. Probably why the two of them smoked everyone else! We got so many cute things, useful things, priceless and thoughtful things I can’t begin to show it all but here are some highlights (or just cute pictures):

Cassie made this blanket and, if you can see in some of the white squares, it says "ALI." My family got us this carrier, which my siblings (my being first born, lesser so) apparently lived in.

This was a high chair I really wanted and am so excited to have! Thanks Aunt Pat, Aunt Yvonne, and Grandma. Below, I’m not sure what was just opened but we look cute.

The whole experience was overwhelming! It was weird to be the center of attention like that. I feel so blessed and grateful to have such wonderful people in my life, our life, and Ali’s life. The last picture is of Kari and I. She is about six weeks behind me, carrying Abigail (Abi) Elizabeth Lewis. For anyone counting, this Friday marks two weeks until my due date!


4 thoughts on “Baby Shower!

  1. Also it should be pointed out that Friday is the last day to enter the expectnet pool. Click the fancy orange banner on the right there to be entered. It just takes a minute and your guess will be forever immortalized in the digital annals of life.

  2. Okay I thought I recognized Kari, but was like, “No, I just think that lady looks familiar.” I totally recognize her now! Soo cute, the cousins Ali and Abi! And being so close in age. Cute cute.

  3. So cute being Ali and Abi! It sounds like twins or something. I can’t believe you only have two weeks left! Craziness.

  4. Great pictures from the shower and thank you for taking the time! I enjoy reading everyone’s blogs but I just never post comments. I have to say, though, that I looked extremely tired (half-eyed) in every picture you got of me. I feel exhausted, I just didn’t know I showed it so much. You look vibrant! Good luck, sounds like the baby is coming really soon! You can do it!

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