So much more exciting.

We have our 37 weeks doctor appointment this afternoon. It’s amazing how much more interesting they’ve become, just knowing there’s going to be something to "see," maybe even progress to report! It’s been rainy here since Sunday night, which has given mea chance to catch up on housework and watch almost the whole first season of Grey’s Anatomy. I really didn’t want to like that show, but it can’t be helped. Not so much didn’t want to like it….more like didn’t want to get hooked on it! I’ll have to get the second season from Billie this weekend. I’m also finished up the loose ends forthis quarter. Im down to: one quiz to take, one discussion board to particiapte in three times, one assignment, one reflection, and one "presentation" that was recently downgraded to "a couple sentences, standing up not required." Good times.

This afternoon Tony and I are hoping to see what will probably be our last movie for quite awhile. We’re planning to see Knocked Up, fittingly. It’s supposed to be great and had a huge opening weekend. I may regret the decision to sit for so long but the popcorn will be worth itand, like I said, when will we get this chance again?

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