I guess that’s life.

So Tony left work early and I cancelled a standing Thursday appointment to go to the doctor this afternoon. And found out our appointment had been rescheduled to Tuesday…the one that was two days earlier…without our everhaving been notified. Ugh. Now we get to go very early Monday morning. At least we got to a nice, early showing of our movie. Which was hilarious (if not mildly uncomfortable, for me).

We walked around the mall a bit. I’m sick of all my clothes and was looking to perhaps find something cute and cheap to wear to the baby shower on Saturday but, no such luck. I might look again tomorrow in Oregon…no sales tax!

These are rather atrocious but it’s been awhile since somebelly pics were posted (or even taken) and I’m huge, low, and ready to go! The second one is up only because Tony likes it and I love him so:


One thought on “I guess that’s life.

  1. Omg, I bet you’re so ready for Ali to come. Haha, I love that you guys saw “Knocked Up.” I really want to go see it. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

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